At the beginning…

A pictoral representation of why I can't be taken seriously.

Hello Blog World,

Hey, better late than never, right? What can I say, I’m a little resistant to new social media; not because I don’t see the merit, but because it’s another things I’ll feel obligated to stay on top of. Which is tough. Like a part time job. And I already have a full time job that keeps me pretty busy. But here goes nothing!

But why blog? Why now? I’m not really sure… I guess I’m into that whole navel-gazing thing my generation has going for it. This time I’m not limited to a 140 character limit. #omg #sohard. A little self reflection with an audience to boot. Or maybe an audience; maybe I’ll have to beg my mom to follow it just so it gets some love.

On second thought, that’s a terrible idea. (sorry mom)

The other question is: what the hell am I going to blog about? I’m not entirely sure. But I feel like these things tend to grow organically into what they are meant to be. Like my twitter, I wasn’t sure where I was going with it, but it’s become mostly travel related with a bit of Seattle love thrown in. (oh, and me retweeting things in a futile effort to win stuff…sorry)

So we’ll see where this goes. Hopefully it goes somewhere, and I don’t abandon it in a month or two when the new & shiny has worn off.

PS. Suggestions and welcomes are…well…welcome!


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